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Fury as Fuel!

  “ Satan represents all of the so-called sins as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!” -The 8th Satanic Statement If I were to be pressed by anyone to state which of the so-called “sins” is my favorite, it would be a tough choice. I dig sloth because who does not like to sleep in on a Sunday when so many Christians (some of my family members included) are forced to go to boring religious gatherings? Gluttony is also a fun time for me—especially regarding sweets. Do not let my slim frame fool you, dear reader; I love to eat sumptuous foods! Pride is also something I indulge in with, well,  pride.  I like a good suit and jewelry as much as the next warlock, and who doesn't like it when someone notices and says, “hey, lookin' good!” But if there is one single, solitary sin that I find the most gratification from—the one so-called foible that others try very hard to discourage me from; it would have to be  wrath . Why that one? Wrath is my favorite “sin”