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Two-Hundred Bucks?! That's a bridge Too Far!

  When I was a broke college student, I discovered the little black book that spoke to me better than any other tome. Wanting to know more about this idea of Satanism, I began to do more research as I browsed the recesses of the internet to search for more information. Luckily, I found the official Church of Satan website, or else I might have ended up congregating with some devil-worshiping kooks!       It was a no-brainer that I wanted to affiliate. When I discovered that doing so required understanding the Satanic Bible and paying a (at the time) two-hundred dollar fee, it all interlocked. The obsidian dominos of hell began to topple and fall into place. There was just one problem–the keyword I mentioned earlier was “broke.” I had empty pockets that, if you unfurled them inside out, the flies residing within would have been more than happy to escape, gasping for air and laughing at the expense of my poverty. To add insult to injury, I also did not have a proper mailing address, cons