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(un)Holy Elevation, Batman!

    (Although I am a member, I do not speak for The Church of Satan)      Well, there's nothing "holy" about what I am going to discuss today but there will be plenty of infernal things to talk about! And it won't require me to dress up like the Boy Wonder to do it. (I don't look good in green undies, anyway) No, today I will discuss elevation, promotion, moving ahead, moving up, climbing the hellish ladder, or any other analogy which I can use to drop the news that--as of writing this piece--I am officially a Warlock in The Church of Satan.     It came as a complete surprise, but a welcomed one, and it could not have come at a better time! Much like many others the world over--times have been tough. The air around me has been heavy, with a sense of unease and although I have been doing peachy-keen personally, those I dearly care about have not been doing so great. While dealing with the sympathy pains, this "disturbance in the force," was beginning to w