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Oh, What a Wonderful Walpurgisnacht!

On this day, fifty-four years ago, an extraordinary religion was formed, one that is a liberator for the few and diabolical for the many. Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan on Walpurgis Night in 1966, and for those of us who picked up the black book, we threw our hats in with infernal glee.

I want to take this Walpurgisnacht to ponder on why I am a Satanist. The reason? To keep it a buck with you—life has not been easy for me. The ravages have been mostly an internal one. I struggle with the lifelong ailment of bipolar disorder, and I have been finding it difficult to achieve goals; not to mention the constant fear-mongering during these uncertain times can weigh down even the most resolute. Thank the nine circles of hell that Walpurgisnacht is upon us! It will be useful to remind myself (and others who are struggling) why we need to keep that black flame stoked.

Think of what this day represents. Not only was our beloved church founded, but this is also the day when the great pagan revelries took place. This was not a time for mourning but a time of observance of the old ways about the glories of spring, and we would do well to utilize this day to give homage to the forces of life. The Church of Satan was not founded as a religion of morosity but a celebration of what makes us unique. We are our own gods, and a god does not wallow in self-pity, but charges forth in life and makes thy will be done! At times it may seem hopeless and even Atlas shrugged; so will you, many times, I assure you. But much like the changes of winter into spring, these melancholy feelings will move into something better. The Church of Satan's appropriation of Walpurgisnacht is a means to tell us that whatever ails us—internally or externally—will not make us kneel in acquiescence. Just keep moving and create your is-to-be.

So I am going to take this occasion to talk about something the church did for me last year that I cherish deeply. Just thinking about it gives me renewed hope during this tumultuous time. On July 4th, 2019 (because, you know, 'Murica), I was given first-degree membership, so my official title is 'Satanist.' I one day took a peek into my mailbox and saw a big white envelope from the administration, and much like Charlie Bucket getting his golden ticket, I ran home. I was one happy soul and nearly squealed like a schoolgirl on helium. This was something I worked hard on, and I reaped the benefits of it.

To me, this is one of the many things Walpurgis and The Church of Satan represent: seeing hard work pay off. So whether you're a parent doing the best they can to build happy and healthy adults; an artist crafting beautiful works of your soul; a laborer toiling under the sun with pride; or a literal farmer planting seed; may whatever you plant bring forth fruit. Take this moment to raise a toast to the Church of Satan and to thyself!

Hail thyself!

Hail Walpurgisnacht!

Hail The Church of Satan!

Hail Satan!

-Satanist D.A., Walpurgisnacht, Year LIV A.S.


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