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What Makes A Warlock?

Disclaimer: Although I am a member, I do not speak for the Church of Satan.

What Makes a Warlock?

Reverend Campbell, a priest in the Church of Satan, asked this poignant question some time ago. Much to his chagrin, he received little to no answers in regards to his inquiry. Hoping that he would spur the greater Satanic discussion, he cast his Satanic nets only to be met with a small catch. I intend to help by throwing my proverbial hat into the debate.

So what makes a warlock? More specifically, what makes a Satanic Warlock? I, dear reader, have an answer. Are you ready for some earth-shattering truth being thrown your way? Are you prepared for the infernal wisdom of the third side perspective, hurtling at you a mile a minute?

The answer is three-fold: Self-awareness, aesthetics, and confidence.

What? You thought you had to sell your soul to the devil to obtain warlock power? Cast aside those dusty, stifling, old tomes on fake black magic and dogmatic sorcery, and just practice on becoming self-aware. Of course, not all books should be tossed aside, there are two excellent grimoires on how you can become a skilled warlock, and you won't have to part with your soul (or copious amounts of your hard earned cash) to obtain them: The Satanic Witch and the Satanic Warlock.

Magus Anton Szandor LaVey wrote a book called the Satanic Witch back in 1971 which is still in print to this day. Although it is marketed towards the ladies, the boys in black can utilize its prowess to great use as well. I will refrain from going into too much detail, but if one is to become a proficient warlock, the LaVey Synthesizer Clock is to be digested. Remember: "study, not worship!"

Where do you, as a man, fit on this clock? It is easy to just fall victim to stifling gender norms and insist that you are a twelve o'clock man: Ambitious, assertive, a man's man! For many of you reading, this more than likely will not be the case. You may be an intellectual three o'clock, perusing data and studying for a test. You could very well be a sensitive six o'clock, with a penchant for the arts and emotional expression. Or you just very well may be a bubbly nine who is the life of the party, the social butterfly! The reader may fit in any of these categories, or anywhere in between.

Much like the Satanic principle of Aesthetics, to know where you stand on the clock is imperative. Because it is not what should be pleasing to you or what you THINK should fit, it is all about accepting what actually works and running with it. This is self-awareness in a nutshell. A warlock must know thyself including all of their insecurities and strengths, building upon the power within and working to lessen their weaknesses.

Speaking of Aesthetics, any male hoping to become proficient in lesser magic must develop their own sense of style. In the age of our grandfathers, this was a no-brainer. Say what you will about the men of past eras, they were some dashing devils! Suits, ties, fashionable shoes, and spiffy headwear were par for the course. Relax, this essay is not commanding that you raid your grandpapa's closet, but it would be nice if young men nowadays took an example from the leading men of yesteryear. Cary Grant is a good example.

If suits and ties are not the forte of the warlock in question, then find a style that fits! But, the critical component to keep in mind is that the man in question must stand out. To be a competent magician, you must obtain and hold the attention of the recipient of your "spell." The  Satanic Warlock, by Magister Robert Johnson, gives some fantastic advice on how a man can step-up his wardrobe game, regardless of whatever stylistic path you decide to take. 

However, self-awareness and aesthetics are superfluous without the confidence to carry them. It is my opinion that this is the hardest hurdle to get over for any warlock. This is not an indictment towards any particular student of lesser magic. Hell, I struggle with this one. But a sorcerer must be confident if he wants to grab the attention of those around him and work his magic to get what he wants. As a caveat, always remember to avoid the Satanic sin of pretentiousness.

Confidence must be cemented in the forefront of one's mind. Whether it is a job interview, networking with potential business partners, or wooing the girl (or guy) of your dreams, a confident warlock is a powerful warlock. I know, easier said than done, right? Well, here is one bit of advice that has worked for me personally:

I love the metaphor of the black flame. As someone who is a student of magic, I spend a little time a day formulating the idea I, quite literally, control fire. I spend a few minutes, imaging a black light forming in my hands; telling myself that it is drawing energy into my very being. And with enough of a "power-up," I can direct that flame towards any obstacle, viewing any wall that blocks my path as an obstruction that can be burned away.

Maybe this sounds too fanciful? Perhaps it is merely the anime nerd in me talking? But this is another form of ritual, and what is routine but a tool to help the warlock gain more power?

In conclusion, Warlock is a master of their own environment. With a keen eye for how they present themselves; a real knowledge of themselves, their abilities, and their shortcomings; and a solid sense of self-efficacy; a Satanic Warlock can become a real sorcerer and reach that plateau of being the "highest embodiment of human life."

Hail Satan!


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