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Strolling Down the Left Hand Path With...Reverend E.R. Vernor

(Although I am a member, I do not speak for the Church of Satan)

Hello!Once again, dear readers, it is time for another interview and this time I have a very special interviewee (that's a funny word). He is an entrepreneur, a paranormal investigator, a writer, motivational speaker, publisher, and a Reverend in the Church of Satan: Reverend E.R. Vernor.

E.R. Vernor, also known as Corvis Nocturnum, runs several businesses and has been a guest speaker at many conventions such as Dragon Con, Scarefest, and Parafest. I am not the first to interview him and I most certainly will not be the last! He has been featured in Penthouse Magazine and BET Channel's The Lexi Show on the episode "The Church of Satan." On top of being a businessperson, a speaker, and a writer, he is also an artist on the side and does several different pieces. Here are a just a few of the places he can be found:

With the pleasantries now out of the way, won't you join us as we take a walk down on the third side?

1. First off, how did you discover Satanism?

I discovered Satanism while being part of a study group of pagans, heathens and another guy curious on non - fru fru metaphysics. He noticed I was a fan of the works of Nietzche, Rand and other more carnal and capitalist thinkers and offered me a copy of The Satanic Bible. Like so many before me, I just felt Anton LaVey simplified the concepts that were already aspects of myself and loving the Gothic 'Addams Family' aesthetic, I felt it would be a great group to join up with. 

2. It seems like every time I try to keep up with your endeavors, I can't! Tell me, how the hell do you find the time to crank out the sheer volume of books that you do?

A big part of my secret is time management (I teach it as a course now based off my book No Excuses Get Sh*t Done! as a life coach.) Partially it is due to not sleeping so much, to be honest, I figured it out that if I only sleep six hours a night instead of eight, those extra two hours gained leads me in a years time nearly a full month of working hours added to my year's productivity! There are other trick and reasons, not having a steady intimate relationship, and as I always have several things in the works, as they get completed I put them out so I never lack quantity of works to release. I keep switching up things as writer's block strikes I simply move to another project and throw myself into it until more and more of them are finished.

3. Speaking of endeavors, I'm pretty stoked! Not only for your announcement of your "Satanic bed-and-breakfast" business but also your upcoming horror convention. Could you tell us more about those projects?

Well, if all goes well with Fright Fest, my horror convention, I plan on using the first three years profits to expand to other cities and do annual horror convention in the biggest cities that also hold massive zombie walks, and put funds into buying the small town in Hell Michigan. I plan on adding a b&B there and a few other treats for fans of the location to give them a reason to stay awhile and enjoy the place. Think Disneyland meets Nightmare Before Christmas with a Satanic vibe.

4. Cake or Pie?
Triple chocolate cake, indulgence at its finest.

5. I view you as one of the "moguls" of the Church of Satan, if you could impart just one piece of crucial advice to anyone looking to become successful, what would it be?

Well, thank you kindly for saying so. The biggest thing of all that helped my career is finding a mentor. In fact, read biographies and watch YouTube videos on not only the mega-successful peoples lives but listen to their channels. They say success leaves clues, and they are plentiful. A few of my books like Master Thyself! are all distilled wisdom from multiple sources of books, bios and quotations of inspirational wisdom I have collected over the years. Willpower only lasts so long, we need the nuts and bolts how-to in order to fuel the fire, by seeing results to add to our ambition.

6. With Halloween on its way, what are some spooky attractions you wish to share with the readers who are looking for a scary good time?

Salem is a great choice, and I love the wax museum called Count Orlocks there as well as the nearby cemetery, but my favorite place to visit is the French Quarter in New Orleans. The Museum of Death, I loved the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Fall River MA, and East State Penn. The location that started it all for me on writing and filming spooky locations is the Mutter Museum in PA.

7. In regards to all things spooky, you are a bit of a paranormal investigator. What led to such an interest?

Curiosity and debunking. You don't have to believe in ghosts to enjoy learning about the true historical facts that are chilling about locations rumored to be haunted. Take for example, the Amityville House. Nobody talks about the real multiple murders but everyone knows about the 'possessed' house from made up movies designed to be scary. 

8. I have thought of entering the world of Paranormal investigation, (no, really) any tips for someone who wants to explore the unexplained? 

Study the facts on locations before going.  Ask questions of your tour guide lots of questions.

9. I am impressed with the sheer talent that is showcased on the Dark Moon Press website. As a burgeoning author myself, are you looking for more writers? (finger's crossed)

I am always looking for more authors! I love books and reading as a kid, being a misanthropic loner, books were my friends to escape, and I love to share and help other hopeful authors find their voice. Even if people don't publish through my company, I teach writers marketing as a course as well as public speaking.

10. Any announcements on your upcoming TV show?

It has been put on hold other than my two DVDs available on Dark Moon Press (Paranormal Road Trip) until money comes in from the Fright Fest event in October 2020. Please follow our social media announcements - we are working on Danny Trejo and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and just signed Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters! 

11. To top it all off, tell us one of your favorite jokes.

I'm not much of a jokester, but a friend of mine told a joke that made me choke while he relaid it - true occurrence, not about race or making light of war but it was an example of humor on the spot from a quick-minded, albeit sadistic fella..

"My great grandfather died at Auschwitz.  

Lady at the bar - That's awful.

My friend - Yeah it was sad he fell out of a tower guarding the prisoners and died.

Lady at bar - That isn't funny ! MY great grandfather did die there!

My friend, not missing the opening said, "Did a guard fall on him?"


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With the pleasantries now out of the way, won't you join us as we take a walk down on the third side?

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